If f(x) = log2 (x + 1), what is f-1(2)? (2 points)

Accepted Solution

as you already know, to get the inverse of any expression, we start off by doing a quick switcheroo on the variables, and then solve for "y".[tex]\bf \textit{Logarithm Cancellation Rules} \\\\ log_a a^x = x\qquad \qquad \stackrel{\textit{we'll use this one}}{a^{log_a x}=x} \\\\[-0.35em] \rule{34em}{0.25pt}\\\\ \stackrel{f(x)}{y}=\log_2(x+1)\implies \stackrel{\textit{quick switcheroo}}{\underline{x}=\log_2(\underline{y}+1)}\implies 2^x=2^{\log_2({y}+1)} \\\\\\ 2^x=y+1\implies 2^x-1=\stackrel{f^{-1}(x)}{y} \\\\[-0.35em] ~\dotfill\\\\ 2^2-1=f^{-1}(2)\implies 3=f^{-1}(2)[/tex]