Maggie used the commutative property to write 4/5+6.9y-8 as the equivalent expression 6.9y+8-4/5. Did Maggie apply the commutative property correctly? Why or why not?

Accepted Solution

Answer: No.
Step-by-step explanation:The commutative property of addition tells that it does not matter if we change the order of the addends , the sum remains the same.Actual expression [tex]\frac{4}{5}+6.9y-8[/tex]Rewrite this by using only + sign as [tex]\frac{4}{5}+6.9y+(-8)[/tex]We can see that the first term is [tex]\frac{4}{5}[/tex] not [tex]\frac{-4}{5}[/tex] and  the last term is -8 not 8.⇒ Maggie changed the signs of the numbers.Hence Maggie didn't apply the commutative property correctly .